Residential Pressure Washing, Cleaning services in San Antonio

Homes are constantly exposed to the elements. Dirt, mold, mildew, and other matter don’t just create an eyesore — they put your important investment at risk.

Midas Prowash Pressure Washing provides the professional expertise to safely and effectively clean your San Antonio home exterior. Our goal is to ensure that your home is at its best quality and looks picture perfect. We achieve this in a few ways:


We don’t subscribe to the “clean by force” method that traditional pressure washers use. Instead, our team sticks with a soft wash that will gently and effectively clean your exterior of everything from black mold stains to dirt and dust. This noninvasive approach secures the well being of your home and landscaping throughout the process. It’s also safe for virtually every exterior housing material.


Every house is comprised of nooks and crannies. These spaces are a hotbed for dirt accumulation, so we always pay special attention to those areas that are especially hard to reach.


We’re perfectionists… And we’re proud of it. You’ll always get a house that exudes curb appeal and top quality when you choose Midas ProWash Pressure washing San Antonio for the cleaning of your property. We don’t count the job done until we’re exceeded our rigorous standards.

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